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Feature Film


14 Days, 12 Nights introduces us to the world of Isabelle Brodeur (Anne Dorval), an oceanographer  who’s adopted Vietnamese daughter Clara tragically lost her life at the tender age of seventeen in an accident in the lower St.Lawrence region of Quebec. One year after Clara’s death and still shaken by the experience, Isabelle is driven by an overwhelming impulse to visit her daughter’s homeland. Once fully immersed in her daughter’s birthplace, she breeds the notion that somehow she can prolong Clara’s life by retracing her origins. Her path leads her to the person who was once her daughter’s nanny, who in turn, revals yo Isabelle the existence and whereabouts of Clara’s biological mother. Armed with this new information, Isabelle tracks down Thuy Nguyen (Leanna Chea) who works as a tour guide for a travel agency in Hanoi. Motivated by an uncontrollable desire to meet this woman, Isabelle books a private excursion with Thuy. Throughout this stunningly beautiful journey, Isabelle discovers her daughter’s country through the eyers of the woman who brought her into this world. This pilgrimage of sorts leads the two women to unveil their innermost secrets. 14 Days 12 Nights examines the influence of culture, of identity, of loss and of forgiveness, and the extraordinary friendship between two women, cemented by the mutual love they share for the same child.

14 Days 12 Nights won an audience choice award at Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival :  WORLD CINEMA | FICTION FEATURE


Executive Producer(s)

Louise Lantagne
Marleen Beaulieu
Richard Speer


Antonello Cozzolino

Line Producer(s)

Sylvie Trudelle


Jean-Philippe Duval


Anne Dorval
Leanna Chea
François Papineau
Laurence Barrette

Original idea and scenario

Marie Vien

Production type
Feature Film

Year of production(s)
2020 | 1 x 94 min

Les Films Séville (Canada)

An original idea of Attraction Images