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Television Fiction


  • Broadcaster

    TVA (Canada)

This series tells the story of two brothers, Gabriel (19) and Zacharie (15), who after seven years of living apart, begin living under the same roof again. These brothers differ in many ways; in their personalities, their values and life styles. Nevertheless, tragedy will unite them. Gabriel, a university student who has just arrived in Montreal, does not understand his younger brother Zacharie’s rebellious personality. Little by little, Gabriel discovers that his brother is involved in illegal and violent activities that go way beyond bullying and ‘taxing’. Using the skills he’s gained from his journalism studies, Gabriel investigates Zacharie’s alarming and suspicious circle. His investigation reveals the worst. It’s not innocent rebellious behaviour as his mother believes, but rather a vast blackmailing ring that manipulates young teenagers. Zacharie is deeply entangled in this web and cannot free himself. Gabriel foolishly tries to investigate further in order to flush out the leaders of this ring, until the unthinkable happens…

Production type
Television Fiction

Year of production(s)
1999 | 8 × 60 min
2000-2001 | 16 × 60 min

TVA (Canada)