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In Canada, people are obsessed with hockey. They scrutinize every play, every trade, every minute of ice time. No team is more obsessed over that the stories Montreal Canadiens. What is really happening on the ice during games? What does it mean to be a professional athlete? Who are these players?

This series follows the Montreal Canadiens through the hockey season, both off and on-the-ice. With privileged access to places usually off-limits to the public, 24CH offers an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at a hockey team, the players, the mangers and everyone in between whose only goal, whose only dream is to play hockey. And to win

Producteur(s) exécutif(s)

Marleen Beaulieu
Marie-Élaine Nadeau


Marie-Christine Pouliot

Producteur(s) délégué(s)

Josée Comtois


Olivier Benoit-Laurence
Raphaël Denommé

Contributor to the content

Justin Kingsley

Chief Researcher

Jean-Philippe LaRose

Type de production

2016-2017 | 20 × 30 min
2015-2016 | 16 × 30 min
2014-2015 | 28 × 30 min
2013-2014 | 27 × 30 min

Canal D (Canada)
RDS (Canada)
RDS2 (Canada)
CTV (Canada)
TSN (Canada)