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Tom is a hot-tempered, mysterious, and highly trained secret agent with only one goal in life: to take down evil. He works for the Agency, where his Boss regularly sends him on dangerous but unlikely missions to foil the plans of the baddest of baddies with the blackest of motives. To help him on his assignments, Tom is given a succession of partners, each more surprising than the next. Each adventure culminates with Tom and his partner facing down the evildoers. These showdowns always result in Tom’s partners dying in unexpected or completely absurd ways, but Tom never backs down, never gives up, and is always ready to take on the danger. Despite multiple unintended consequences, he always completes his mission (for better or for worse) and is ready to answer the next call of duty. Tom’s just that kind of guy cause he’s a… SECRET AGENT.

Executive Producer(s)

Marleen Beaulieu
Richard Speer


Micho Marquis-Rose


Julien Hurteau


Patrick Hivon
Magalie Lépine-Blondeau
Normand Lévesque
Julien Poulin
Simon Lacroix
Paul Ahmarani
Émile Proulx-Cloutier
Ève Landry
Charles-Alexandre Dubé
Catherine P. Béchard
Jean-Daniel Roy
Naomi La
Jean-François Nadeaau
Éloi Cousineau
Mickaël Gouin
Luc Proulx

Production type

Year of production(s)
2014 | 8 × 6 min

Broadcaster (Canada)