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TAKE ME OUT (Allume-moi)

  • Broadcaster

    V télé (Canada)

Inspired by the Australian program Taken Out, the dating show Allume-moi was first an international success under the name Take Me Out before landing a spot on V television network. Philippe Bond takes the helm of this dating show starring 30 courageous women and several nervous bachelors. The bachelors will introduce themselves to a panel of 30 women and must impress them enough to ensure a light on their podium remains lit. As long as a bachelor’s light is not turned off, the bachelorette is still interested and wants to learn more about him. If a bachelor does not succeed in impressing a bachelorette, she turns his light off. After two elimination rounds, the tables are turned and it is the guys’ turn to ask a question of a bachelorette of their choice. Through his questions, the bachelor decides which bachelorette he likes most and they go on a first date.

Executive Producer(s)

Marleen Beaulieu


Marie-Christine Pouliot

Content producer(s)

Nelson Harvey
Dominique Jacques


Philippe Bond


Sébastien Hurtubise

Production type

Year of production(s)
2014 | 10 × 60 min
2013 | 10 × 60 min

V télé (Canada)

Adaptation of the format TAKE ME OUT, licensed by FremantleMedia Limited