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Feature Film


Unbeknownst to their friends and families, three childhood friends decide to treat themselves to a dream vacation. Pretending they’re heading out to their annual fishing trip, the three buddies secretly make their way to Amsterdam for a weekend of debauchery. In the city of sin and pleasure, no vice is set aside by these men in dire need of freedom.

But when the time comes to head back home, a member of the trio, SAM (Robin Aubert), doesn’t stick to their meticulously orchestrated plan. He takes off instead … It’s a total shock to his buddies, JEFF (Gabriel Sabourin) and MARC (Louis Champagne), How are they going to explain Sam’s disappearance to their wives, BÉATRICE (Fanny Mallette), SIMONE (Marie-Chantal Perron) and MADELEINE (Suzanne Clément) without revealing the true destination of their weekend getaway?

Back in their small forest town, JEFF and MARC TELL everyone that SAM has gotten lost in the woods during their fishing trip. This first lie is only the beginning of their descent into hell. A spiral of betrayals and unexpected events will see their apparent idyllic lives being shattered.

AMSTERDAM takes a look at male friendship, the notions of trust and love, and that insatiable thirst for freedom. AMSTERDAM is a subtle mix of the bitterness in “Fargo” (Coen Brothers), the psychological tension of “A Simple Plan” (S. Raimi) as well as the simplicity and richness of the characters found in “Gina” (D. Arcand) and « Le Temps d’une Chasse » (F. Mankiewicz).

AMSTERDAM: a thriller with heart.

Executive Producer(s)

Richard Speer


Antonello Cozzolino
Josée Vallée


Stéfan Miljevic


Gabriel Sabourin
Louis Champagne
Robin Aubert

Production type
Feature Film

Year of production(s)
2013 | 1 × 108 min

Les Films Seville