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Television Fiction


  • Broadcaster

    Radio-Canada (Canada)

ASBESTOS is a fictional re-telling of the dramatic events leading up to the violent 1949 asbestos mining strike in Quebec, a turning point in the history of the province. Maurice Vaillancourt is a solitary young man who cares nothing about the cares and the plight of the miners. He only has one goal in mind: to make enough money to leave small-town Asbestos, the mine, and the inhabitants whose lives revolve around it. Maurice dreams of buying land with Amélie – the woman of his dreams who also works at the mine – so that he can pursue his passion for raising horses. But the 1948 riots – which also laid the groundwork for the subsequent strike – completely upset all of his plans. The riots force him to take notice of a world of solidarity, violence, anger – and ultimately love.


Josée Vallée
Jacques Blain


André Melançon


Stéphane Gagnon
Johanne Marie Tremblay
Frédérick De Grandpré
Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin
Normand Chouinard
Clémence Desrochers

Production type
Television Fiction

Year of production(s)
2002 | 6 x 60min

Radio-Canada (Canada)