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Digital Youth


16-year-old Rosie is a YouTube sensation  – but her new-found popularity is yet another worry piled on to the everyday difficulties of being a teenager. Caught between her desire to be a success and reeling from hateful comments online, she loses sight of who she really is. Her best friend accuses her of abandoning her, her boyfriend is more and more jealous, and Rosie is overwhelmed by anxiety. Can she learn to let go of what others think, and stay true to herself?

Executive Producer(s)

Marleen Beaulieu
Marie-Élaine Nadeau


Martin Métivier


Sarah Pellerin


Milya Corbeil Gauvreau
Audrey Roger
Maie Eve Larivière
Pier-Gabriel Lajoie, Lévi Doré
Étienne Galloy
Antoine L'Écuyer

Production type
Digital, Youth

Year of production(s)
2020 l 8 x 10 min
2019 l 8 x 10 min

ICI Tou.Tv EXTRA (Canada)