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Alex Lachance is a retired actor turned bartender. When he buys a tavern, he thinks he’ll get back to the real world and quiet anonymity. He didn’t expect that his bar would become a hangout for celebrities looking for a sympathetic ear, along with their gin & tonic. BARMAN consists of twelve intertwining mini-sagas, both absurd and touching, brought to life by cameos from Québec artists. It’s a chronicle of the daily life of a guy who got out of showbiz only to find that showbiz wasn’t ready to let him go.

Executive Producer(s)

Marleen Beaulieu
Jean-François Boulianne
Richard Speer


Micho Marquis-Rose

Line Producer(s)

Laurie Caron
Sébastien Poussard


Raphaël Codebecq
Maxime Caron
Philippe Gendron
Kristine Metz
Thomas Levac
Alexandre Riendeau


Sébastien Gagné


Martin Laroche
Vincent Fafard
Sonia Cordeau

André Robitaille
Jacques L’Heureux
Jonathan Roberge
Mariana Mazza
Debbie Lynch-White
Simon-Olivier Fecteau
Magalie Lépine-Blondeau
Jean-Sébastien Girard
Fred Savard
Julianne Côté
Pierre-François Legendre
Élyse Aussant
Fabien Dupuis
Antoine Vézina

Production type

Year of production(s)
2017 | 10 × 5 min.
2016 | 12 × 5 min.

Broadcaster (Canada)

Original idea ICI Radio-Canada / ICI TOU.TV