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  • Diffuseur

    Canal Vie (Canada)

BILLET$ VERT$ is the adaptation of the format WASTED, an ecological magazine intended to prove that it’s possible to be green and save money at the same time. A host and her eco-advisor and jack-of-all-trades visit a typical family practicing non eco-friendly behaviour. After a close analysis of their trash and their lifestyle, the team outlines corrective measures and suggests a true “green diet” to rigorously adhere to for three weeks. At the end of the period, the financial impact of the new habits is calculated and the equivalent of one year of savings is then given as a cash prize. The ultimate goal: to demonstrate that there are real savings to be had in adopting green behaviours, all while reducing one’s impact on the planet.

Producteur(s) exécutif(s)

Marleen Beaulieu
André Provencher

Producteur(s) délégué(s)

Ivan Lamontagne

Producteur(s) au contenu

Isabelle Girard


Josée Bournival
Frédéric Loiselle

Type de production

2009-2010 | 10 X 30 min
2008-2009 | 10 X 30 min

Canal Vie (Canada)

Adaptation of the format Wasted produced by Fume TV (New-Zealand)