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  • Broadcaster

    APTN (Canada)

CHIC CHOC! is a talk show aimed at young First Nation francophone Quebecers. The series showcases First Nations teenagers, who are given a chance to talk about what they think about their lives and futures, about what excites them and the things they would like to change.

Each show centers on a chosen theme such as love, health, solidarity, humour or tradition. Testimonies, sporting, community and artistic challenges, vox pop, portraits and video clips are the prisms through which the youth will be able to express and reveal themselves. In short, CHIC CHOC ! is a an illuminating perspective on the complex universe of First Nations youth living in Quebec. It is a visual compendium where bucolic and scenic vistas share space with delirious computer graphics. It is an eclectic mix of musical genres where the rhythmic beats of hip-rap-garage meld with the traditional sounds of the Cris, Atikameks or Innus. CHIC CHOC! is a van’t miss meeting point for the First Nations communities of Quebec!

Executive Producer(s)

Richard Speer


Josée Vallée
Léa Pascal


Christian Laveau
Mélanie Napartuk


Catherine Lemercier
François Bégin
Léa Pascal

Production type

Year of production(s)
2007 | 13 × 30 min

APTN (Canada)