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Television Fiction


  • Broadcaster

    Radio-Canada (Canada) CBC (Canada)

CIAO BELLA is the story of Elena Battista, a young Italian-Canadian on a voyage of self-discovery, a young woman intent on living her own life, despite the cultural and family pressures she feels.CIAO BELLA is also a showcase of Montreal’s Little Italy as well: a testament to immigrant-born Canadians living rich, colourful lives while managing to retain their roots.

Swept along on Elena’s quest (sometimes against their will) are: her parents, the tempestuous Sofia and jovial Eduardo, proud owners of their traditional Café Campania; Elena’s baby sister Carmie, rushing her wedding to Ernie, rushing to live a “model” life… We’ll see Uncle Nunzio hand off his construction company to Elena after working his fingers to the bone to build it. We will also find out that Elio Lanza, the man Elena would love to marry one day, is somewhat inaccessible; we’ll get to know Teresa Lanza, Elio’s mother, the tempestuous owner of a chic, high-end Italian restaurant; we will also discover that cousin Maurizio, in Montreal to attend Carmie’s wedding, has decided to stay for a while rather than go back to wonderful Italy; and, how Catherine, Maurizio’s fast and wild new girlfriend, will be instrumental to Elena’s journey of discovery…

Welcome to CIAO BELLA’s Little Italy – right in the heart of Montreal!

Executive Producer(s)

Richard Speer
Jacques Blain


Josée Vallée
André Béraud


Steve Gallucio
Émile Gaudreault


Jean-François Asselin
Patrice Sauvé


Claudia Ferri
Ellen David
Tony Calabretta
Peter Miller
Dorothée Berryman

Original Idea

Steve Gallucio
Émile Gaudreault

Production type
Television Fiction

Year of production(s)
2004 | 13 x 30 min

Radio-Canada (Canada) CBC (Canada)

CBC International Sales