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DoodleBook is the fun social drawing game that highlights the infinite diversity of human creativity!

Discover how many original, surprising or just plain crazy ideas are in your head or your friends’ heads! Create a drawing from a common prompt and compare the result with your playing partner. Play for fun or competitively, easily comment, like and share your doodles and your friends’.

Go on, unleash your imagination… it’s free! No need to be a drawing master! Surprise your friends with your out-of-this-world doodles and their crazy titles!

Use the powerful zoom and draw with ease and precision. Invite your friends to compare their point of view with yours or play randomly with perfect strangers! Play without pressure and time limit with the DoodlePlay mode! The competitive type? DoodleDare your friends and find out who will be declared the winner by the community! Win coins and trade them for special tools that give you an edge on your opponent to win your DoodleDares. Enter the DoodleDig mode and see what the rest of the community created starting with the same prompt as you did! – Interact with the community! Comment, like and share you favorite doodles. Keep all your doodles in your personal gallery and wander around in the galleries of the most popular and recent doodles!

Available in English and French, on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Executive Producer(s)

Josée Vallée


Paul-E. Audet

Concepteurs et directeurs artistiques

Dominique Audet Mario Pesant

Développement serveur et IOS


Musique originale et effets sonores

Bam Montréal

Production type