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Feature Film


  • Broadcaster

    Radio-Canada (Canada)

EMILIE is a transmedia romantic comedy.

A fragmented story that unravels on multiple platforms.

The concept is simple: all of the broadcasting and communication tools accessible today are used to tell a story differently, so that viewers can feel and experiment fiction in a new and innovative way.
The EMILIE experience includes interactive videos in which fictional characters literally call us on our cell phones and where we can send them text messages. This allows us to get access to exclusive audio content through intricate voicemail systems, creating unsuspected interactions with the characters. Events, printed content and access to web capsules culminate in the theatrical release of the feature film.
The project aims to reduce the distance between reality and fiction, submerging the audience in Emilie’s world. We follow Emilie on the day where she’s about to leave for a journey abroad with her current boyfriend. A good friend, an ex-boyfriend and old flame, all seem to conspire to stop her from leaving Montreal. A combination of funny mix-ups and quirky encounters bring her all over town from the Courthouse to a local Serbian hairdressing salon as she tries to deal with all the men in her life.
Technology is used to strengthen an already enticing narrative, but at the heart of it, Emilie is the simplest and most beautiful story there is; it’s a love story.

Executive Producer(s)

Richard Speer
Josée Vallée


Antonello Cozzolino


Guillaume Lonegran
Yako (Jean-Christiphe Yacono)


Émilie Bibeau
Patrick Drolet
Patrick Hivon
Jean-François Nadeau
Guillaume Perreault


Philippe Brault and Troublemakers

Production type
Transmedia comedy

Year of production(s)
2013 | 1 x 87 min

Radio-Canada (Canada)