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Television Fiction


The series begins when Sarah decides to move to Fatale-Station to get away from a man who has been trying to kill her for a long time. But her arrival in this small village on the edge of nowhere affects the locals in unexpected ways: Francois, the lame-duck mayor of the village, suddenly regains confidence and courage. Johanne, the mayor’s wife who has been catatonic for over a year, slowly begins to wake up. Last but not least, Eddy, the gloomy manager of the corner tavern, does not seem immune to the newcomer’s charms. But Mrs. O’Gallagher, the town’s powerful matriarch, is. She’s one of the few who’d rather see Sarah go back to where she came from. She is wary of this woman who arouses passions wherever she goes.

What lies behind Sarah’s actions? Could she be looking for protectors, preparing for the day her assailant finds her again? No one comes to Fatale-Station without having something to hide…

Producteur(s) exécutif(s)

Marleen Beaulieu
Louise Lantagne

Producteur(s) associé(s)

Stéphane Bourguignon

Producteur(s) au contenu

Johanne Larue


Stéphane Bourguignon


Rafaël Ouellet


Macha Limonchik
Claude Legault
Micheline Lanctôt
Denis Bernard

Type de production
Television Fiction

2016 | 10 x 60 min

Tou.TV Extra (Canada)

Original idea
Stéphane Bourguignon