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  • Broadcaster

    Vrak (Canada)

When Beatrice is 15, the most unlikely thing in the world falls into her life: Eric, a fairy godmother! And even though Beatrice thinks it might really be useful to have a magical friend, she quickly discovers that Eric isn’t the most gifted genie on the planet. In fact, the question sometimes arises: just who is the godmother here? Eric appears just when Beatrice is embarking on the most important project of her life: bringing an old movie theatre back to life. With her best buddy, Steeve, her slow-to-catch-on friend Guylain-Guy, the self-absorbed Vanessa and the pest Elisabeth, she’ll soon learn that the real show doesn’t always take place on the movie house’s giant screen…

Executive Producer(s)

Marleen Beaulieu

Line Producer(s)

Julie Lavallée


Émilie Gauvin
Yann Tanguay


Gabrielle Fontaine
Didier Lucien
Lou-Pascal Tremblay
Benjamin Chouinard
Audrey Gueriguian
Marie-Philippe Généreux

Script Editor

Pierre-Yves Bernard

Original Idea

Émilie Gauvin
Catherine Paré

Production type

Year of production(s)
2013-2014 | 26 x 30 min
2012-2013 | 26 x 30 min
2012 | 15 x 30 min

Vrak (Canada)