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Feature Film


Hank and Mike are best friends – and bunnies. Not just any bunnies, Easter bunnies! They’re a kind of yin and yang – Felix and Oscar duo. Hank likes to drink, swear and spend time with “ladies of the night”; Mike is a bundle of insecurities whose entire life is defined by his job. As Easter Bunnies, they hand-deliver baskets of Easter eggs to unsuspecting families. They have long held their positions at Easter Enterprises, a division of a multi-national corporation that owns all the major holidays. In an effort to increase profits, the firm’s board of directors, have called in an efficiency expert to trim fat and get the company’s profits back in order.

In spite of the job Hank and Mike have diligently (if not wholeheartedly) performed over the years, it’s soon clear that as Easter Bunnies who work only one day a year for a “Tier 2” holiday (Christmas, Chanukah, Valentine’s Day being on the top tier) Hank and Mike are going to be a part of the downsizing campaign.

Executive Producer(s)

Josée Vallée
Sean Buckley
Morris Ruskin


Pierre Even
Thomas Michael
Nicholas D.Tabarrok


Matthiew Klinck


Darius Films Peeping Tom Films


Thomas Michael
Paolo Mancini
Joe Mantegna
Chris Klein

Production type
Feature Film

Year of production(s)
2008 | 1 × 86 min

Chrystal Films Inc

Darius Films Peeping Tom Films