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WAR OF THE SEXES (La guerre des sexes)

  • Broadcaster

    Radio-Canada (Canada) CBC (Canada)

WAR OF THE SEXES is a riveting, five-part documentary miniseries exploring the scientific differences between men and women.

By constantly repeating that men and women are equal, we have come to believe that we are also alike – and as appealing as this notion might be, we are confronted by our differences on a daily basis. She can’t find her way… he is always looking for his socks. She finds him too quiet… he thinks she talks too much. She cries… he gets angry. She thinks she’s fat, he thinks she’s fine. She gazes into his eyes – he stares at her chest. By breaking down our sexual stereotypes in an original and inventive manner, WAR OF THE SEXES helps us to better understand their origins, what they mean, and how they impact society today.

Executive Producer(s)

Richard Speer


Josée Vallée

Content producer(s)

Suzanne Clermont


Marie-Josée Cardinal
Suzanne Clermont


Miryam Bouchard
François Bégin


Filmoption International

Production type

Year of production(s)
2005 | 5 × 60 min

Radio-Canada (Canada) CBC (Canada)

Filmoption International