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Television Fiction


  • Broadcaster

    Radio-Canada (Canada) ARTV (Canada)

A series that is by turns funny, dramatic, quirky and realistic, LA VIE, LA VIE focuses on the joys and trials of five funny, intelligent and sexy young adults bound by the sacred ties of friendship.

SIMON (32), a programmer working in a leading multi-media firm, and MARIE (32) are trying very hard to conceive a child, despite Simon’s many hours of overtime and Marie’s busy and depressing schedule as a marriage counsellor. On top of that, Simon and Marie are often called upon to support their friends VINCENT (30) and CLAIRE (29). “Support” because Vincent is stuck working in his brother’s video store despite his Bachelor’s degree in communications and screenwriting, while Claire, who wants to be a great journalist, can’t get out of writing superficial articles for girly magazines. JACQUES (38), Marie’s older brother and big brother to all, rounds out the group. He runs the bar-café where the group constantly meets; it is their safe haven for when life gets too complicated.

Together, the five will finally find a way to survive the troubles and tribulations of their personal and professional lives.


Nicole Robert
Jacques Blain

Associate Producer(s)

André Béraud

Line Producer(s)

Josée Vallée


Patrice Sauvé


Lux Films


Patrick Labbé
Julie McClemens
Macha Limonchik
Normand Daneau
Vincent Gratton

Production type
Television Fiction

Year of production(s)
2001 | 13 × 30 min
2000 | 13 × 30 min
1999 | 26 × 30 min

Radio-Canada (Canada) ARTV (Canada)

Filmoption International - Christal Films(Canada)

Lux Films