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Variety & Game Show


LE MATCH DES ÉTOILES is a dance-off where 3 stars learn, prepare and present dance routines that they must show to a select panel of judges. We witness their struggles, exhaustions, frustrations, and stress. Every week the expert panel has the hard task of analyzing and commenting on each star’s routine. They hope to influence the opinion of the 10 judges randomly chosen from the audience to vote for the best number. LE MATCH DES ÉTOILES: dance, music and emotions to the rhythm of your life.

Executive Producer(s)

Marleen Beaulieu
André Provencher

Line Producer(s)

Marie-Élaine Nadeau


Normand Brathwaite


Yves Desgagnés
Geneviéve Guérard

Production type
Variety & Game show

Year of production(s)
2008 | 27 × 60 min
2007 | 27 × 60 min
2006 | 27 × 60 min
2005 | 27 × 60 min

Radio-Canada (Canada)