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Television Fiction


  • Broadcaster

    Radio-Canada (Canada)

The small one-industry town of Cole Creek is in a state of shock. The local plastics plant is pulling up stakes, leaving 1,000 people out of work and the small town on the verge of disappearing altogether. Canadian Smiths-Thompson, the company that owns the plant, asks employees to stay on another month to help dismantle the production equipment so it can be shipped to the new facility in Saskatoon.

Led by their very passive union president, Mario Cormier (Gilles Renaud), the employees stage a symbolic one-day strike, despite being generally resigned to their fate. No one is really expecting anything to come of it. At least, not until impulsive Alexis Godin (Alexandre Goyette) and his gang take advantage of the situation to sneak into the company offices toting a bag full of weapons.

What was supposed to be an uneventful one-day demonstration turns into a high-tension hostage-taking.

Executive Producer(s)

Marleen Beaulieu
Cécile Chevrier
Louise Lantagne


Cécile Chevrier
Joceline Genest
Antonello Cozzolino

Line Producer(s)

Martine Allard


Pierre-Marc Drouin


Jim Donovan


Phare-Est Média


Alexandre Goyette
Marie-Ginette Guay
Gilles Renaud
Denise Bouchard
Raphaël Butler
Sasha Charles
Guy Frenette
Yannick Godin
Diane Losier
Marc Lamontagne
Lou Poirier
Marcel-Romain Thériault
Jean-Nicolas Verreault
Matthew Wilson

Production type
Television Fiction

Year of production(s)
2017 | 6 x 60 min

Radio-Canada (Canada)

Phare-Est Média