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Television Fiction


Newspaper “Le Matin” has the wind in its sails, and Claudie and Maripier’s team of investigators is bolder than ever. Marc reports on a series of strange crimes and lifts the curtain on a worrying form of shadow justice. Philippe St-Pierre investigates attacks on the homeless and follows their trail to a dangerous extremist. Against this backdrop of important investigations, the characters live out their loves, their disappointments and their pain amid the clamor of the newsroom. We’ll learn who the father of Marianne’s child is. Claudie will be drawn from Marc into the arms of another. Maripier will be tested by her father’s sudden appearance in her life, and will experience an incredible new love. Jessica will move to a new position while struggling to hold on through a turbulent period with Philippe.

Executive Producer(s)

Louise Lantagne
Marleen Beaulieu
Richard Speer


Joceline Genest
Réjean Tremblay

Line Producer(s)

Sébastien Poussard


Réjean Tremblay


François Gingras


Julie Perreault
Catherine Bérubé
Luc Picard
Danny Gilmore
France Castel

Production type
Television Fiction

Year of production(s)
2016 | 10 × 60 min
2014 | 10 × 60 min

TVA (Canada)