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Variety & Game Show


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    ICI Radio-Canada (Canada)

Each week, three personalities from different backgrounds are made-over into singers for the duration of one song. In order to meet the challenge, the personalities undergo a full training program at the hands of a team of experts. That team consists of a musical-content advisor, a voice coach and an artistic director, as well as a professional singer who , in addition to sharing valuable advice, acts as a backup singer during his or her protégé’s performance. Viewers are invited to vote for the best one over the internet. The winner of each show then returns with a new song for the semi-finals, hoping to make it to the grand finale!

Producteur(s) exécutif(s)

Marleen Beaulieu
André Provencher

Producteur(s) associé(s)

René Simard

Producteur(s) délégué(s)

Marie-Élaine Nadeau


René Simard

Type de production
Variety and Game show

2007-2008 | 26 X 60 min
2006-2007 | 26 X 60 min

ICI Radio-Canada (Canada)