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Feature Film

My Very Own Circus

Born into a family of circus performers, Laura has spent much of her young life on tour with her father Bill, a professional clown, and his stage hand, Mandeep. Secretly, she yearns for a more conventional life. Thanks to her new Secondary I teacher, Patricia, she can finally fulfill her dream : to go to private school. Having spotted her new pupil’s enormous potential, Patricia helps Laura pass her entrance exams. This act is a form of rebellion against her father. Can bohemian Bill, a self-proclaimed nonconformist, accept that the apple of his eye has fallen so far from the paternal tree?

Executive Producer(s)

Richard Speer
Marleen Beaulieu
Louise Lantagne


Antonello Cozzolino


Miryam Bouchard


Patrick Huard
Jasmine Lemée
Robin Aubert
Sophie Lorain
Mathilde Boucher
Louise Latraverse
Jean Lapointe


Martin Forget
Miryam Bouchard

Production type
Long métrage

Year of production(s)
2020 | 1 x 105 min

Les Films Séville (Canada)