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Feature Film


  • Broadcaster

    Radio-Canada (Canada) Super Écran (Canada) Alliance Vivafilm

Max leads a good life with Alice and their son Théo; that is until Alice winds up in hospital, desperately waiting for a heart transplant. Max promises Théo that he will save Alice, but to keep his word he must find a heart, and fast. With time is running out and no other options, Max decides to reconnect with his troubled past.

His decision will change his life in ways he could never have imagined…

Executive Producer(s)

Josée Vallée
Richard Speer


Pierre Even


Alain DesRochers


Guillaume-Lemay Thivierge
Lucie Laurier
Martin Matte
Raymond Bouchard
Myriam Tallard
Antoine Desrochers
Tony Conte
Réal Bossé
Martin-David Peters
Bianca Gervais
Gaston Lepage

Production type
Feature Film

Year of production(s)
2007 | 1 × 90 min

Radio-Canada (Canada) Super Écran (Canada) Alliance Vivafilm