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Variety & Game Show


Pense Vite is a fun quiz show that shines a spotlight on the Francophone communities across Canada. Broadcast on Unis, this lighthearted show is aimed at those with curious natures, and competitive spirits. Viewers can play along all the while discovering and learning about the Francophone communities across Canada.

In a different location each episode, host Nicolas Ouellet asks three questions of passers-by who have the chance to win $300. Each location has a particular colour, awash in cultural quirks and eccentricities. We take the opportunity to humorously and affectionately underline the richness and the differences in every town, while also demonstrating what unifies the Francophone communities of Canada since after all, we’re all cousins in a way! Among the towns visited in the second season we’ll see Montreal, Saguenay, Toronto, Canmore, Calgary, Caraquet and Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

Executive Producer(s)

Marleen Beaulieu
Richard Speer
Jean-François Boulianne


Marie-Élaine Nadeau

Line Producer(s)

Marie-Pier Poulin


Nicolas Ouellet


Etienne Fournier

Production type

Year of production(s)
2015-2016 | 65 × 30 min
2014-2015 | 65 × 30 min

Unis Tv (Canada)

Original Idea: Attraction Images in association with Unis