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Television Fiction


Dismissed for insubordination from the Sûreté du Québec’s Major Crimes Unit, where she was part of the homicide investigation team, Sergeant Kate McDougall ends up at the Brome-Perkins police station in the Eastern Townships, working on petty crime cases. Adding insult to the injury of her demotion, she is forced to start seeing a psychologist in order to “deal with her problems”.

Determined not to open even the smallest part of her psyche to Dr. Létourneau, Kate suffers through therapy sessions in silence. At least until the misty morning in October when, plunging into the icy waters of the lake where she lives, she discovers a young girl’s body floating on the surface. From that moment Kate is thrown headlong into the most difficult investigation of her career.

Tormented by a string of murdered young girls with disturbingly similar faces, as well as by the recurring nightmare from her childhood that has reared its head, Kate is dragged into a horrifying downward spiral where past and present seem to blend into each other. She gives free reign to her demons, alcohol and sex, even taking up again with ex-lover and superior, Lieutenant Paul Trudel. But these anaesthetics quickly lose their efficacy, and to have any hope of unmasking the “Monster of the Lake” Kate finds herself forced to trace back the painful trail of her past, imperilling the fragile balance on which she has built her present.

Séquelles is a psychological thriller where therapy and investigation combine to unveil the shocking past of investigator Kate McDougall and unmask the killer on the prowl.

Executive Producer(s)

Marleen Beaulieu
Louise Lantagne
Richard Speer


Joceline Genest

Line Producer(s)

Martine Allard

Content producer(s)

Johanne Larue


Johanne Seymour


Louis Bélanger


Céline Bonnier
François Papineau
Danny Gilmore
Alexis Martin
Élise Guilbault
David Boutin
Roger Léger
Stéphane Jacques
Stéphane Crête

Production type
Television Fiction

Year of production(s)
2016 | 6 × 60 min

Séries+ (Canada)

Adaptation of Johanne Seymour’s best seller Le Cri du cerf