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Television Fiction


  • Broadcaster

    CBC (Canada) ICI Radio-Canada (Canada)

“Still Life: An Inspector Gamache Mystery”

It’s Thanksgiving weekend. The autumn leaves are in full colour across the Eastern Townships of Quebec, where the bucolic village of Three Pines appears as tranquil as usual. But this peaceful Eden is changed forever when Jane Neal, a much-loved villager in her mid-70s, is discovered dead in the woods.

Armand Gamache, a handsome, intelligent and intuitive detective from the Surete du Quebec, arrives on the scene with his protégé Inspector Beauvoir. A crowd of villagers has gathered and Gamache’s instincts tell him this is a place of close relationships and many secrets. He notices the oddly shaped wound in Ms. Neal’s chest. This is a murder and an unusual one.

As more clues and suspects are revealed, Gamache and his team are led deeper into the secrets beneath the enchanting surface of Three Pines. Somewhere — masked by deception and lies — is the truth, and Gamache will find it.

Executive Producer(s)

Louise Penn
Peter Moss
Phyllis Platt
Josée Vallée


Daniel Vermette
Brian Dennis

Line Producer(s)

Dominic St-Jean


Peter Moss

Production type
Fiction télé

CBC (Canada) ICI Radio-Canada (Canada)