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Feature Film


  • Broadcaster

    Super Écran (Canada)

Lately Jacqueline, childless and almost forty, has been questioning her marriage to the chronically unemployed Michel. She suspects that life is passing her by and longs for a bit of excitement. Little does Jacqueline know that she is about to get more excitement than she bargained for!

During one of his many night-time adventures, Michel meets Maya and Vito, a pair of second-rate blackmailers who are always on the hunt for a new victim. When Michel discusses his plans to have his wife killed so he can collect her life insurance policy, Maya immediately jumps on to what could be the opportunity of a lifetime. But Maya and Vito’s elaborate blackmailing scheme soon gives way to bumbling improvisation. When the ‘hit’ goes sour, Jacqueline outbids her hubby and gives the tables a comic turn. Like everything in life, it’s all a matter of choice!

Executive Producer(s)

Jacques Bonin
Claude Veillet


Jacques Blain
Josée Vallée


Éric Tessier


Films Vision 4


Serge Thériault
Brigitte Paquette
Véronique Bannon
Jean-Robert Bourdage
Marc Bélanger
Johanne Fontaine

Production type
Feature Film

Year of production(s)
2004 | 1 × 91 min

Super Écran (Canada)

Alliance Vivafilm

Films Vision 4