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Television Fiction


Florence Champagne is a therapist who has very little patience for her patients. She’d had enough of listening to their problems for 50 interminable minutes at a stretch. She invents a new kind of therapy: 3-minute online video sessions (where she usually ends up becoming the subject, by the way). If you choose her as your therapist, something’s definitely not right…

Executive Producer(s)

Marleen Beaulieu
Louise Lantagne
Richard Speer


Joceline Genest

Line Producer(s)

Claudine Tissier


Éric K. Boulianne
Martin Girard
Carmine Pierre-Dufour
Mélissa Veilleux


Christian Laurence


Edith Cochrane
Pierre Brassard
Olivier Morin
Marie-Soleil Dion
Diane Lavallée
Stéphane Archambault Morin
Anne-Marie Cadieux
Christine Beaulieu
Mikhail Ahooja
Antoine Vézina
Guillaume Tremblay
Daniel Brière
Michel Laperrière
Pascale Bussières
Catherine Proulx-Lemay
Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse

Production type
Television Fiction

Year of production(s)
2017 | 10 × 30 min. (Saison 4)
2017 | 10 × 30 min. (Saison 3)
2016 | 12 × 30 min. (Saison 2)
2016 | 10 × 30 min. (Saison 1)

TV5 (Canada)

Based on the original series Web Therapy created by Lisa Kudrow, Dan Bucantinsky and DNA Roos, in association with Is or isn’t entertainment, and under licence from Fremantle limited media.